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#Oils & #Ingredients that are best food for your hungry #hair🙆💆

How are you treating your hair hunger?  Give your hair something healthy & let them live long & best.  Let's talk about few oils & how they can be used to make hair spray,  hair mask,  etc.  So let's start. 
OLIVE OIL Less Dandruff,  Split ender, Strength & Shine,  Softness,

COCONUT OIL Haie Growth,  Shine, Healthy Hair,  Thicker Fuler Hair.

ALOE VERA Promote Hair Growth,  Adds Shine,  Repair Damaged hair, Reduce Dandruff ,Restore PH balance of hair

AVOCADO OIL Moisturizes Scalp & Hair,  Reduce Hair Fall,  Act as Natural SPF for hair, Reduce Breakage of hair

CASTOR OIL Add Shine,  Promote hair growth, Add shine,  Strengthen Hair.

Yogurt  Condition Hair,  Soften Hair, Good source of hair,  Healthy shine

Honey Soften Hair & Add shine

These were the oils & ingredients which are very beneficial for hair growth & strengthenin hair.  You can mix any of these oil together to pamper your hair.
Coconut + Castor Oil + Aloe Vera + Olive Oil.
Yogurt + Honey…