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Hey guys welcome back to my blog. Hope you all are doing well :)
As I promised you guys to make a blog on affordable cosmetics. So, Today I am here with elle18 products on my bog. (#snapfam knew about it)
I bought two lipsticks and one eye liner.

Elle18 Matte Chocolate Day Lipstick
These Sticks are really very cute and girly. As it's name "Chocolate Day" it's a true chocolate brown color. This is actually a very bold shade. With smooth texture it glides on lips smoothly and feels light on lips.
It last for about 3-4 hours. The color payoff is amazing! You get the color, bang on in just one swipe. This is not exactly a matte, but a semi-matte with a satiny finish.
(If you're love playing with bold colors elle18 got a very good range of shades for you)

I Bought this from @fashionstorm (Instagram account).

Elle18 Color pop Crimson Red Lipstick with cocoa butter
These Sticks are really very cute and girly as well. I love this shade. With smooth texture it glides on l…

Flatten your Stomach

Hello guys, Today am here with few very helpfull tips to flatten your stomach. Even if you go to gym this would be usefull too :)
I'm not making it too long Just highlighted the important Points.

Flatten your Stomach

🔸Eat a bowl of raspberries .(it fight constipation also)

🔸Drink a lot of water . (it is good for hair and skin also)

🔸Skip Cocktails. It can aslo raise level of cortisol, a stree hormone that helps your belly store fat.

🔸Plant a garden. All the bending, lifting, and  twisting help shape your middle, and you'll burn about 350 calories an hour.

🔸Sit up Straight. Hunching forward makes your belly look bigger. For sliming effect that actually trains the stomach supporting muscles to stay taut, sit with your shoulders back, chin up, and lower back supported against the chair.

Thankyou for reading the Blog. Hope this will be usefull for you guys :)

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