Thursday, 29 September 2016

White Khol Pencil

Hello guys❤
Today I'm going to tell you some benefits and using WHITE KHOL pencil in different ways.
I bought my white khol MAC pencil from Instagram page @wake_up_buy_makeup . It's quality is good❤

White eye liner brighten eyes, makes you appear instantly awake

Don't be afraid to wear white eye liner itself - you can pull it off! as you're a confident beauty❤

First look-
Wear a solo white liner. Apply it on your lower as well as upper lid. Create a solo fresh look.

Second look-
Trace your lower lid with white pencil and upr lid with black liner. Create inspired cateye.

Third look- 
Take black eyeliner and trace it on your upper lash line and then topped it with a white pencil. Then, along lower lid's waterline, trace a white pencil that was then layered underneath with black liner. And you're done :*

You can buy khol pencils from insta page @wake_up_buy_makeup

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I would love to see your innovative ideas :*

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Thursday, 8 September 2016

Natural Remedies to get Tan Free and Fair Skin