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Hey guys welcome back to my blog. Hope you all are doing well :)
As I promised you guys to make a blog on affordable cosmetics. So, Today I am here with elle18 products on my bog. (#snapfam knew about it)
I bought two lipsticks and one eye liner.

Elle18 Matte Chocolate Day Lipstick
These Sticks are really very cute and girly. As it's name "Chocolate Day" it's a true chocolate brown color. This is actually a very bold shade. With smooth texture it glides on lips smoothly and feels light on lips.
It last for about 3-4 hours. The color payoff is amazing! You get the color, bang on in just one swipe. This is not exactly a matte, but a semi-matte with a satiny finish.
(If you're love playing with bold colors elle18 got a very good range of shades for you)

I Bought this from @fashionstorm (Instagram account).

Elle18 Color pop Crimson Red Lipstick with cocoa butter
These Sticks are really very cute and girly as well. I love this shade. With smooth texture it glides on l…

Flatten your Stomach

Hello guys, Today am here with few very helpfull tips to flatten your stomach. Even if you go to gym this would be usefull too :)
I'm not making it too long Just highlighted the important Points.

Flatten your Stomach

🔸Eat a bowl of raspberries .(it fight constipation also)

🔸Drink a lot of water . (it is good for hair and skin also)

🔸Skip Cocktails. It can aslo raise level of cortisol, a stree hormone that helps your belly store fat.

🔸Plant a garden. All the bending, lifting, and  twisting help shape your middle, and you'll burn about 350 calories an hour.

🔸Sit up Straight. Hunching forward makes your belly look bigger. For sliming effect that actually trains the stomach supporting muscles to stay taut, sit with your shoulders back, chin up, and lower back supported against the chair.

Thankyou for reading the Blog. Hope this will be usefull for you guys :)

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Accessory Story❤

Hey girls😘
I hope you all are doing good :)

This blog is in collab with @shopping_crave (Instagram) Shopping crave have a good and attractive collection of Accessories, Make-up and Bags. I got two beautiful neck accessories and Dior inspired shades. I styled these with slit and white jagging.❤

Here I'm wearing beautiful neckpiece. I actually loved this long chain, it's very elegant to carry. You can also use this in different ways like, double this chain that will give your neck chain a choker + chain look. Usually long chains supports many outfit, having it in our closet is a must.❤

Here am wearing short chain. Excellent thing about this chain is, you can also style this as neck choker just by adjusting it from back pin. As we all know offshoulders are in trend and there are many varieties in them, styling them with choker gives a attractive look this short chain is perfect for that, Also you don't have worry about color of dress this chain is in silver and will easily …

All about Rings💍

Hey guys welcome back to my blog :)
Here i am in collaboration with @vastar_collection (Instagram). There collection consists Clothing, Accessories, Footwear's and Bags
For a start-up, I got few rings (Double Pearl, Wing, Dream Catcher). Further collab with them will be soon out.

•Double pearl Ring

•Wing Ring

•Dream Catcher Ring

I loved these rings and yes you can wear it with any outfit you like✔ for casual, party outfit's, ethnic wears, etc
You can buy these rings at very reasonable rate, also you don't have compromise in quality❤

Thankyou for visiting my blog

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Favourite LipCreams

Hey guys welcome back to my blog, hope you all are doing well :)

Today am up with my reviews on three lip creams which I got from lamakeupaffaie (instagram). I loved these lipie so much. The shades are ColorPop(Pillow talk matte me x),Sephora(pink), Stila(Caramello). I loved the quality of these and they are 100% original.
ColourPop Pillow Talk Matte X  

It is a muted, medium-dark brown with subtle, warmer undertones and a matte finish (perfect nude). It had opaque color coverage with a very smooth, velvety consistency that glided on effortlessly. This shade highlighted the natural texture of my lips slightly. The color lasted for 7-8 hours with slightly more fading from the center of the lips.

Sephora  A hydrating lipstick that creates full lips with intense color. The creamy texture softly glazes your lips, imparting just the right amount of color and sheen.

Stila Caramello Caramello is very light nude shade. This shades is perfect for me, I can carry it everyday. The texture is ab…

White Khol Pencil

Hello guys❤
Today I'm going to tell you some benefits and using WHITE KHOL pencil in different ways.
I bought my white khol MAC pencil from Instagram page @wake_up_buy_makeup . It's quality is good❤
White eye liner brighten eyes, makes you appear instantly awake Don't be afraid to wear white eye liner itself - you can pull it off! as you're a confident beauty❤
First look-
Wear a solo white liner. Apply it on your lower as well as upper lid. Create a solo fresh look.

Second look-
Trace your lower lid with white pencil and upr lid with black liner. Create inspired cateye.

Third look- 
Take black eyeliner and trace it on your upper lash line and then topped it with a white pencil. Then, along lower lid's waterline, trace a white pencil that was then layered underneath with black liner. And you're done :*

You can buy khol pencils from insta page @wake_up_buy_makeup

"Do tag me when you try these❤ put a hashtag in caption #thatglamorousgirl…

Natural Remedies to get Tan Free and Fair Skin

As tanning falls out of fashion, here is a small guide to get of rid of tanning and getting a fair look.
Honey & Lime JuiceTake half teaspoon one honey with one teaspoon of lime juice.  Mix them properly. Apply it for 5-10 minutes. Wash your face with warm water.

Lime & Cucumber JuiceMix equal amount of lime juice and cucumber juice. Add few drops of rose water.  Apply it and Massage it on the tanned areas of your face.  This trick will reduce your harsh tans.

Yogurt and Gram Flour Mix equal amount of yogurt,gram flour,
lemon juice in equal amount. Apply it for 10 minutes.
 Again wash your face with warm water.

Neck Tans  Neck tans can be removed by rubbing lemon as lemon bleach cleanses out dead skin and will give you fair look. You can mix lemon with rose water as rose water will not harm your skin in any way and will give you a fresh look.

These remedies are natural they will harm your skin in any way. I had personally tired these many times. Hope this will help you. Do subscribe to m…
Long Nails Secret...

Hello beautiful girls, once again welcome to my blog..    Every girl is fond of long nails. If you want your nails to grow fast and strong and add beauty to your hands , I have some natural remedies for you. As we all know fingernails grow faster than toenails, although growth is still very slow. On average , fingernails grow about one-tenth of an inch each month.

Eating a healthy diet and following proper nail care you long nails desire can be easily fulfilled . Follow these two easy steps- Before going to bed apply olive oil or coconut oil on your hands(this will provide moisture to your hands) wear gloves after doing so. Repeat this once in a day.(Coconut oil will keep your nails strong)If you have problem that your nails turn yellowish Mix tablespoon of lemon  with olive oil and then soak your nails for at least 10 minutes. (This will remove the yellowness + will give shine to yous nails + vitamin C is good for nails.These steps will help you a lot but you have t…

Concealer Tips

Howto Deal with Concealer?So now when you have the right shade of concealer in your hand let's learn how to use it perfectly.   Make sure you don't  use concealer before foundation , apply the foundation first then apply concealer below your eyes to cover up your dark circles. I would prefer you guys to draw a triangle below your eyes as it will give your cheeks a lift up appearance. Blend it using your fingers or blender, sponge or brush. Make sure you blend it perfectly else later you will see cracks of it on your face.     If you have pimples on your face to cover up those pimple first you have to apply green concealer (this will cancel the redness of the pimple) then use concealer matching your skin tone.Remember that you don't have to hurt your pimple by pressing it too harsh (do it lightly with your fingers tip). After getting over with your concealer apply face powder with the brush. This will give you a perfect finish look. ;)

Benefits of Concealer

Dark Circle's and Pimples are Nightmare!!Trust me it's the worst thing when you get up in morning and see dark circles or a pimple on ua face. Normal but worst problems faced by teen's.  To immediately cover up these unwanted thing using Concealer would be perfect. It would hardly take few minutes to change ua look.❤
You don't know which Concealer is perfect for your skin?Selecting a perfect concealer for your skin is not a difficult task . Apply little bit of it on your skin see if it matches your skin perfectly. Don't go for too dark or too light shade. Make sure you know about whether ua skin is oily or dry , this will help you to buy a perfect concealer for you.❤ 
(More post related to this will be posted soon)

MAC Stick Concealer
     A concealer or colour corrector is a type of cosmetic that is used to mask DARK CIRCLES, AGE SPOTS, LARGE PORES and other small BLEMISHES visible on the skin. It is similar to foundation, but thicker and used to hide different pigments by blending the imperfection into the surrounding skin tone.❤
Concealer are available in different forms.
Stick concealer is good for oily skin as it become easy to blend it on oily skin.It  provides about medium coverage..❤