Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Seer Secrets Aloe Vera & Guduchi Hydrating & Retexturing Facial Serum ANTI TAN, WRINKLE FREE YOUTHFUL SKIN │ AHA Peel │30 ML


I N G R E D I E N T S 

Aloe Vera Juice Extract
Guduchi Juice Extract
Orange Fruit Extract
Sugarcane Extract
Vitamin C
Carboxymethyl Cellulose
Xanthan Gum

W H A T   I T   C L A I M ?


P A C K I N G 

This facial serum comes packed in Blue Glass Bottle with a dropper.  You might not be knowing why?  It is because Serums tend to be lighter, highly concentrated, super absorbable and more effective than heavier formulations. The potent ingredients, however, tend to be delicate and expensive—so it’s important that just a drop or two goes a long way. and also Glass is easier to recycle then plastic and more importantly, no harmful chemicals from the plastic can leach into your product . This is the main reason that serums come packed in glass dropper bottles. 

G E T   T O   K N O W   A B O U T   I N G R E D I E N T S    AND    M Y    R E V I E W S   O N   I T

It has so many skin brightening ingredients like orange fruit juice,  vitamin C, aloe vera, etc.  Most of the ingredients are best known for healthy skin , glowing & clear skin. It can make your skin soft & hydrating. If you're having sun burns, you should use it twice in a day. This will relax and cool down you skin. This serum might feel sticky this is because of it's ingredients like Xanthan gum,Linalool,Carboxymethyl,Cellulose,Limonene they are used to bind othet ingredients & add fragrance to the serum. The outer packing & dropper makes it easy to use.  Best time to use it is at night. I don't like sticky serums much so I prefer to use them at night.  They give you healthy & glowing skin the next morning. 

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Thursday, 15 March 2018

Make-up Looks By Namrata

Hey Guys, I hope everyone is doing well.

Today I have something very interesting new on my blog. If you have been following me on my instagram or snapchat you must have seen few posts where I asked bloggers,  make-up aritst & other aspiring artists (start up)  to work with me.

So Today I'm here my first collab with Make-up Artist Namrata Chouhan. Namrata is a Certified Professional MUA. She have experience of 3 years & is trained under guidance of professionals. She have her own parlour, which provide every kind of services "Make-up,  Hair,  Nail Extension (trending thing). I will be giving all the links to contact her at the end of this blog.

 Her Make-up skills are so good. We had shot two looks where my make-up is all done by her.  And also these looks were totally new for me, honestly I had not thought of trying out these look but she suggessted me to go with it & trust me I love it. I loved shooting with those looks.
It was so much fun and new.  So without blabbering more I would love to share the pictures with you guys.

First Look "Party Look" Smokey Eyes With Nude Lips. 

Make-up Used For this Look 
Base - M.A.C
Eyes - Huda Beauty Rose Gold Pallet
Lip Shade - Huda Beauty Gossip Girl
Highlighter - by Note Shade Terracotta

Second Look "Bridal Look" Shampine Eyes With Rose Red Lips 

This was the look that I was not expecting but When she told me about this I was a bit excited too to try this out. Outfit , Jewellery arranged by her.
 (Please Note This look is just done for shoot, I'm not married or getting married ) 

Make-up Used for this look
Base - M.A.C
Eyes - Morphe 350
Lip Shade - Huda Beauty Cheer leader & Heart Breaker
 (Mixing two shades)
Highlighter - By Note in shade Terracotta 

So these were the two looks.  I enjoyed shooting with her.  I love the she treated me, her make-up skills are very good.  I would love to work with her again❤ and yes offcourse we're working on one more project together. Stay Tuned for more. 



Mail - namratachouhan12@gmail.com

PLEASE NOTE These pictures should not be copied or posted anywhere without permission.

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