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Gain Or Loss Weight Easily At Home || OZIVA


W H A T   I S   O Z I V A ?

OZIVA is a brand known for it's protein shakes. Not only they provide with product service but also are supported by Nutrition Experts.  They give you free advice,  free diet plans which are really help full for your body.  Also they have so many discounts & free bies for their customers.  There service is excellent and you'll never get dissapointed.

B E N I F I T S   O F   J O I N I N G   O Z I V A? 

They take care of your Health -   

Oziva have wide range of Protein Shakes, with exercise & proper diet, it can easily help you to gain or loss the weight. After you become there customer they will ask you it you need a diet plan or any tips on health.  You can Chat or Talk on Call directly with Nutrition Experts, they will guide you properly.

They take care of  Taste- 

Proteins are available in different favours according to everyone's taste. You can make your own flavour too just by adding extra Fruit's or food essence. They give recepie tip also.

They have a Trial Pack too - 

If you're confuse about investing on a big box, they have 5-Day Starter Kit for you. You can start from it and can later order the big box.

They take care of Ingredients - 

Ingredients are most important thing in a protein.  They have used health , beneficial & tasty ingredients which your body is going to love.
Ingredient List Below


Whey Protein Isolate,
Whey Protein Concentrate,
Flaxseeds (Omego-3),
Green Tea Extract,
Guar Gum,
Xanthan Gum,
Cocoa Powder,
Contains Permitted Added Flavours,
Contains Permitted Class || Preservatives
Contains Milk

M Y   E X P E R I E N C E

I was a healthy child 2 years back, but I'm a suffer of  severe anemia, it's very tough for me to get of it as most of the time I don't feel like eating anything,  and When I want to eat something my neck start paining, so I most of the time I'm not able to eat healthy food. I got this protein shake last week.  I had been drinking it by adding banana into it.  Trust me I hate banana,  but the way it get blended in this shakes makes it tasty.  I won't say that it taste like oreo shake or something like exotic drink. You know right how a banana shake tastes?  just add choco powder to it, this is how it's gonna taste.  After drinking it I feel a little bit full,  so I do exercise at home (as guided by the oziva dietitian) I can feel a minor change in my body & my activities.  I would definitely love to try other variants too and will update you guys how my body feels after 1-2 months.

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