Saturday, 27 August 2016

Concealer Tips

How to Deal with Concealer?

 So now when you have the right shade of concealer in your hand let's learn how to use it perfectly.

  Make sure you don't  use concealer before foundation , apply the foundation first then apply concealer below your eyes to cover up your dark circles. I would prefer you guys to draw a triangle below your eyes as it will give your cheeks a lift up appearance. Blend it using your fingers or blender, sponge or brush. Make sure you blend it perfectly else later you will see cracks of it on your face. 
   If you have pimples on your face to cover up those pimple first you have to apply green concealer (this will cancel the redness of the pimple) then use concealer matching your skin tone.Remember that you don't have to hurt your pimple by pressing it too harsh (do it lightly with your fingers tip). After getting over with your concealer apply face powder with the brush. This will give you a perfect finish look. ;)

       No Concealer? No Problem! 

You don't have to worry if you don't have a concealer. You can get same look as you get after using concealer just with your foundation!
  •  Apply foundation on the places where you desire to don't blend it immediately wait for atleast 2-3 minutes .
  • When your foundation turns a bit creamy start blending it.
Here you go! You got the look you desired for. (Using foundation in the same way can also give you a contour look. In case you want details about it you can tell me)

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