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Perfume Booth

Hello Guys,
Welcome back to my blog. Hope you're doing well.
Today I have something very interesting on my blog.

Have you every wondered about, Why save a perfume for only special occasions when you can wear it every day of the week.  We always take a easy and affordable path of choosing a deodorant, but do you know that Deodorants have very little natural fragrant compounds in them, and more chemicals. They contain a higher alcohol content. They actually don't last long,  but Perfumes never fail to last long.  I never knew the fact that Perfume has different notes Top,  Middle & Bottom Note and because of this it smells different at different hours of application.

So Today I have Perfume Booth on my blog. The Perfume Booth that offers amazing fragrances from all over the world at affordable prices. Every perfume is unique and luxurious in it's own way.
We always have thought in our mind that  buying a luxurious perfume is gonna burn a whole in your pocket , ummm but no!  Perfume Booth offers you the unadulterated international perfumes  at so affordable prices,  So now Smell amazing with different fragrances without burning a whole in your pockets.

Before Buying a Big Bottles you can get your hands on Perfume Selfie

What is Perfume Selfie?

Perfume Selfie is a box which contain 7 mini perfume & a perfume selfie stick which holds these mini perfume bottles.  

Those 7mini perfume contains seven different beautiful international perfumes . Every fragrance has a different concentration of the key essences that make it last for a set numbers of hours.

6 Different Perfume Selfie Boxes are available 

3 for men -

Wyld,  Mazculine,  Cazanova


3 for women -

Teaze,  Lurve,  Sophistique

My Review's 

Perfume Selfie Box which I revived is named "LURVE". And OMG the packing was so so cute, that I was so much overwhelmed with the packing and then, guess what? The moment I opened the head of the Box my entire room was filled with the sweet & sensual fragrance and I loved it so much. 

I received "Lurve" Collection

Consists of these Fragrances -


Looking to brighten a dull, summer day? Spritz on this fresh fragrance and add a spring in your step.

2.Lady Presidente


Be the embodiment of power with an energetic Mix of fuity and floral notes. Be true to yourself, seize the day confidently with this bold, daring fragrance.

3.True Reflections

Chris Adams

A deep aroma of blackcurrant and pomegranate, with the romance of rose and the curiosity of lemon, this fragrance is almost meditative.

4.Lomani Sensual


Notes of ylang-ylang, vanilla and musk make this a great choice for those who like to be noticed. Its enveloping scent is sensual and extremely feminine.

5.Creation Pour Femme


This gourmand fruity-floral fragrance is a cross between softness, magic and sensuality—a modern loveelixir locked in a glamorous pink hued bottle.



Viveca is tantalizing and charming with a sparkling personality that makes you feel young and light-hearted.


Louis Cardin

The warm touch of orange and spices like vanilla, saffron and cloves will attract your senses with the very first spritz of this fragrance.

Each mini bottle of 4ml

7 x 4ml = 28ml

I loved two fragrances very much "Creation Pour Femme" & "True Reflection" . They are so much  my kind of perfumes.  This is how you can select right fragrance for you.  Get your hand on it now.

Also Perfume Booth is  providing

Free Gift voucher of Rs 501 

Price of Perfume Selfie - Lurve Women
+  Get Rs. 501 Gift Voucher Free

Click here to Visit Perfume Booth

Thank you for reading my Blog. :)

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