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Miss Claire Lip Creams

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  Today I'm going to review 2 shades of Soft LipCream from Miss Clair. Before we get started let me introduce to "Miss Claire" , Miss claire a cosmetic brand which is best known for it's Soft matte lip creams0,  miss claire also manufacture other cosmetic products like eyeliners, nail paint, eyeshadow, blush, and many more.  Miss Claire is said to be exact copy of NYX, but the price range of miss claire is more affordable than of NYX.  Miss Claire is available in range between 180-350. So,  that's enough of the intro now let's review few of them.

Packaging of Lipcream

It comes in a small cylindrical plastic bottle with a black secured cap.The bottle is wrapped with an easy tearable transparent plastic wrapper. Shade is mentionend at the bottom of each bottle. It's very easy to handle & it's very travel friendly.

Shades I own 35 & 15A

My review

As it's name Soft matte cream these are perfect creamy matte cream which have a good staying power and it doesn't dry the lips completely.  It gives perfect texture & color.  It need some time to dry up completely,  after 1-2 minutes it's completely transfer proff. Staying power is about 3-4 hour's without eating and if you're eating it will fade away little bit from some part,  but a little touch up after 3-4 hrs is not a big deal.




✔Easily available online

✔Non-transferable (after completely drying)

✔Soft and creamy matte

✔Available in many shades ( find a perfect one for your skin tone😉  )


As such these lipcreams are so good in quality wise that it don't have any con.
Just that it take time to dry (before drying it's not transferproff)

Price 180 - 300

Ratings ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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