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Let's talk about Healthy Snacks

Hey lovies,
Welcome back to my blog. Hope everyone is good. :*

Today I have Snackexperts on my Blog 

Lemme first Introduce you guys to snack expert.

At Snack experts, they promote snacks that are safer, healthier, and better for people &our planet.

Snack Box is your monthly Subscription box available in different price range. You can Choose your snackbox from one of fabulous plans. A one time trial box (Three Pouches) is also a good place to start with. You can select snacks of you choice. The subscription Boxes are available in this manner - 

Trial box

 150 per box

3 pouches of Best of our snacks
50 g per pouch
One trial pack per customer account

Standard box

 699 per box

5 Standard snack pouches in a box
150 g per pouch

Smart Snacker

 1799 for 3 boxes

5 Standard snack pouches in a box
150 g per pouch

Snackimg can be Healthy & Tasty !!
Yes you heard it right. When I came across snack experts and tried there healthy and delicious snacks, I agreed to it that healthy snacking can be made tasty.
Instead of eating a lot junk food We should jump on these healthy snacks and can make our health and body fit and fine. :)

I Received STANDARD BOX (Price 699per box)

 Which Contains 5 standard snack pouches in a box.
 Each pouch is of 150g.
Varieties which I got, are :

Chocolate Brownie,
Chocolate Flapjack,
Almond & Cinnamon Flapjack,
Kodo Millet Crispies,
Old Fashioned Nut Mix.


I'm in so love with this delicious brownies. Ingredients used in this are:
Jaggery , Wheat flour, Chocolate Chips, Butter, Walnuts, Egg, Vanilla essence. It's so soft and trust me it tastes soo good. I finished this pack in just two days. :D


If it is chocolate, I can't say no to it!!
Another very delicious and health snack. Ingredients:
Oats, Butter, Jaggery, Honey, Chocolate chips, Whole orange.


It's somewhat similar to chocolate flapjack, but it don't have chocolate in it.
Oats, Butter, Jaggery, Honey, Almonds flakes, Cinnamon powder.


Crunch Crunch Crunch!!! I like to have them with a cup of tea. These are crispy crunchy kodo milets.
Kodomillet flour, Moong dhal, Rice flour, Urad dhal, sunflower oil butter, Roasted gram, Salt, Asafoetida, Sesame seeds, Cumin seeds


Going Nuts for Nuts in every season is my habit. :D
When every I'm going out I grab some of the nuts and keep chewing😂 Kinda weird habit but I love them so much.
Roasted peanuts, Pepper cashews, Almonds, Walnuts.

Each Pack Net Wt: 150g

These packs don't have preservatives so they must be finished in 1 month. I finished these in just 4-5 days.  o.0

You can get your subscription pack by visiting  SnackExperts

Thankyou for reading my Blog. :)

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