Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Vaadi Herbal Lip Bam Review

Lip care is essential as lips don't have oil gland's. Our lips may get damage due to harsh weather conditions, sun or color weather. So we need to take proper care and pamper our lips by applying a perfect lip bam.

Today I have a lip bam from vaadi herbal on my blog. 

Key Ingredients:

Vaadi Herbals Strawberry Lip Balm contains strawberry extract, Vit-E, Honey and Almond Oil.

Shelf Life:

Three years from the date of manufacture.

What does Vaadi Herbals Strawberry Lip Balm Claim:

Moisturizes dry and cracked lips.

My Review 

Vaadi Herbals Strawberry Lip Balm is reddish in look. It come in little, round tubs, made of transparent plastic. The balms feel a little more waxy. It have a very sweet strawberry fragrances. Sometimes I feel like eating it >.< but it's not edible. Now when talk about it's ingredients like Honey, Honey traps the moisture and keeps the hips hydrated for a long time. Almond, Almond oil is an effective cure to dryness and sun burns. So It's ingredients make this lip bam curing & healthy for lips.
Only the problem I face is, that I have big nails so applying this is like feeding my nails a bit, but anyways I love this. Apply it with a lip brush if you face the same problem. It's worth a buy as it's not gonna hurt your pocket in any way, pricing is so decent

Pros of Vaadi Herbal Lip bam

Sweet Strawberry Fragrance

Nourish & Moisture Lips

Good Quantity

Goodness of almond oil 

Healing power of Honey

Cons -

No cons as such, just not easy to apply with long nails. 

Available Only Online

Price - 25 Rs only for 10 g  Worth buying

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