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Have you heard abound Sarojini Nagar Market?

I Haven't heard about Sarojini Nagar Market!
No girl can ever say this. Even if you belong to another city,  still you must be aware with "Sarojini Nagar".

Hello guys welcome back to my blog.  I hope you all are doing well. So today I have bought something best for all the girls reading this.We all are aware of Sarojini Nagar Market and some where have a craving to get everything from there.  To know more what interesting I have bought for you guys keep on reading.  :*

Sarojini Nagar market is always at the top list of fashion bloggers & fashionista for shopping. You can shop anything and everything in this market which is good in quality and high in fashion. This is one of the best and cheapest market in delhi.
You guys might have seen so many ( I must say so so so many) Fashion Bloggers and YouTubers shooting different type of shopping hauls. Ever this thing came into your mind that "I wish I could get some holidays to take a visit to this market" , "Shopping in Summers and that too in delhi?, ahh but I want these clothes in my wardrobe right now"
Ever got these kinda thoughts running in your mind while watching those Sarojini Nagar Haul?
If yes, then I got a very unimaginable news for you.
Now while sitting in your pj's & having some snacks you can shop the Sarojini Nagar Market while sitting at your home.  ^_^
 Yes yes you read it right girl. Sarojini Nagar market has now gone digital. Now no matter from which city you belong to,  no matter you're dressed up or not.  You can simply visit their online site & that to, so much decently priced between Rs 300 - Rs 500.
Outfits are so much trendy and fashionable. Trust me you guys are not going to be disappointed at all.
Even if it is so much affordable, still they don't compromise in the quality of the product they are selling.

The team was nice enough to send me their products so that I can show it to you guys.
So very soon I'm going to show it to you guyd that what I got from them. So stay tuned and wait for my next blog. ^_^

Till that don't forget to stalk them out. Here is the link online sarojini nagar

also I'm displaying few trending outfits from their store.

Must Have 

Plain Shirts are must have in your wardrobe.
Style them casually or as formal, they will never disappoint. 

Comfy palazzo trousers are something you can find everywhere.
These are so comfortable to carry your casual look up. 

White Tank Top, yes why not?
You can pair it a skirt,  shrug,  shirt,  anthing!!

Let's Talk about Trend

Military Green is seen everywhere this year.
Camouflage Militry Prints are rocking and are literally seen in form of pants,  shirts,  dresses, joggers, etc.
This is literally High in trends.
Ruffle Ruffle & Ruffle
Ruffle sleeves, ruffle dresses,  ruffle shirt anddd Now Ruffle Jumpsuit. Isn't it like raining ruffles? and omg this ruffle jumpsuit is so pretty looking.
Guys it's a must have, trust me! 

Boho vibes 

Book Your Boho Look with this sassy outfit.

Beach Parties?
Yes you're ready to rock at thr beach party with is comfy outfit.
You can also carry them on your casual days of summer.

So Guys these were few outfit from Online Sarojini Nagar's Collection.  Price range of these are between Rs 300-500 only. Isn't it so cool?  
Visit this site to shop these out. Link Online Sarojini Nagar.

Stay Tuned to know what I got and how I styled. 
Till that time take care. :)



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