Sunday, 30 July 2017

Last Forest Lip Bam & Solid Perfume Review

Last Forest (Organic Brand) 

Hey guys welcome back to my Blog.  I hope you all are doing well.  :) Today I'm going to give you my reviews for the products that I have from Last Forest

What is Last Forest Enterprises ?

Last Forest Enterprises is a marketing initiative of Keystone Foundation –
it aims to spread the message of:
small indigenous farmers and gatherers
value added organic produce
biodiversity and food security
indigenous knowledge, traditions and crafts
sustainable harvesting & farming methods
local employment & markets
fair trade principles

What I have on my table to Review? 

Last Forest Lavender Solid Perfume & Strawberry Lip bam.

Ingredients -

Lavender Soild Perfume :

Bees Wax
Olive Oil
Lavender Essential Oil.

Strawberry Lip Bam :

Bees wax
Olive oil

My Review -

With the little touch of nature the packing is luxe and classy. The solid perfume and lip balm are organic and they are so much affordable

Now first let's talk about strawberry lip balm:

This lip balm carries a very delightful fragnance and the staying power is very good ,It stays for about 4to 5 hours( without eating). I am a big fan of lip balms and when I came across this lip balm oh my god I am so much impressed with the quality and results of this lip balm it has that healing & moisturizing power. I usually carry this under my Matte lipstick.  As Matte lipstick tend to dry up your lips and this lip balm works so well , it will keep your lips moisturized for a long time. I carry this lip balm with me daily. I apply it in the morning and at night before going to sleep as It is so important to keep your lips moisturized at night  this this will not make them cracky . organic things in it which add plus plus plus point to it

Now let's talk about Lavender Solid Perfume :

I haven't came across a solid perfume in such a affordable price usually solid perfume are quite expensive and this is so much affordable. Impressive thing about this is that it's a solid perfume in affordable range it's organic natural with the goodness of lavender essence. Lavander is known for its delightful fragnance and its relaxing power. There is a slight fragnance of honey, as it contain beewax too.  Unfortunately the staying power is not good. It stays for around half to one and a half hour. Not happy with the staying power of Lavender solid perfume.

Price : 

Strawberry Lip Bam -  100₹ for 5g

Lavender Solid Perfume - 150₹ for 20g

My Ratings

Strawberry Lip Bam -  4.5 out of 5
Lavender Solid Perfume - 3 out of 5

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